Even though you have completed the installation of CodeIgniter, there is much more that can be done from this point. If you are new to the framework, you can check CodeIgniter’s documentation to get more familiar.

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CodeIgniter has a config file that lets you store your database connection of the database you want to connect to. dbdriver - The database type. ie: mysql, .

Until Codeigniter implements the use of PDO, is there a way to use hack it into CI that's stable and secure? Currently, instead of using the db driver, I'm using a model instead which has all my PDO code like prepare, fetch, execute.

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DB Driver Reference¶ This is the platform-independent base DB implementation class. This class will not be called directly. Rather, the adapter class for the specific database will extend and instantiate.

  1. CodeIgniter · Docs »; Database Reference »; DB Driver Reference. classic layout The name of the platform in use (mysql, mssql, etc…). version ()¶ .

  2. dbdriver, The database type. ie: mysqli, postgre, odbc, etc. Must be Depending on what database platform you are using (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) not all .

  3. How to use MySQLi Driver in Codeigniter. Ask Question 7. 2. Hi I'm kinda new to this and I would like to ask someone here that are experts in codeigniter framework and PHP. How can I use mysqli drivers in php native query? For example. My code:.

CodeIgniter La classe Database Avant-Propos : chargement d'une classe. Rappelons que CodeIgniter est aussi est un framework utilisé pour le PHP et il dispose de classes aidant les développeurs dans leur tâche de développement.

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Apr And change the following line: var $dbdriver = 'mysql';. to : var $dbdriver = 'mysqli'.

I'm try to create and application with CodeIngiter, I use a MySQL DB for it, but I need CodeIgniter has nice abstractions for DB access that require you to specify which modified DB driver system/database/drivers/sqlsrv/sqlsrv_driver.php.

Database Configuration¶ CodeIgniter has a config file that lets you store your database connection values (username, password, database name, etc.).