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You can't drive on a motorway at all on R plates. EDIT: for 12 months I took convoluted backroads and occasionally took down R plates because I thought it was illegal to have R plates on the motorway.An introduction to driving on the motorway for new drivers In order to drive on full understanding of the road and traffic signs associated with the motorway system. Driving on the motorway can be daunting for some people, especially if it's .

  • The R-plate currently displayed by newly-qualified drivers restricted to 45 mph will be replaced by an N (for new drivers) plate which must be displayed for two years.You can definitely drive on the motorway with R plates in the left hand lane only. Apparently you aren't even allowed into the overtaking lane if you're stuck behind someone going under 45. It's a hazard to those doing 70 in it coming behind.

  • The plan was to teach learner drivers how to drive on the motorway to avoid them taking more dangerous back roads when they passed their test. It was reported that, because so many new drivers were nervous about motorway driving, more new drivers were taking back roads to avoid the motorway.I'm driving down to a Dublin tomorrow and as the title says I'm still an R You are allowed on the Motorway, and the minute you cross the border you can whip the R-plates down and do whatever speed the road signs.

  • P Plates “probationary” are a very effective way of showing other drivers that you have recently passed your test. Find out the P Plate laws below. Find out the P Plate laws below. P Plates “probationary” are an excellent way of showing other drivers that you have recently passed.yes R plated restricted drivers can drive on motorways however the 45mph speed limit for the restriction still applies causing lorries to overtake them in overtaking lane leading to cars at 70mph having to brake the world then stops going round and people get very stressed expect.

  • Tomorrow I'll be driving on the motorway for the first time as I just passed my test at the end of May. As I'm an R driver I know it 'should' be 45mph but what speed should I realistically drive on the motorway.New drivers are restricted to a maximum speed of 45mph and must display R plates for a year after passing their driving test. The courts can extend this period of restriction for those convicted of driving offences while restricted.

  • R plate restrictions apply to the driving of ALL vehicles EXCEPT the following types: Also, R plate restrictions DO NOT apply to a vehicle of another type when .This 'R' plate restricts the driver to 45mph, or 72kph. The newly passed driver must display these plates for 1 year. The newly passed driver must display these plates for 1 year. I am planning a trip to County Leitrim where I will be driving.

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Jul 23, 2014 My Account; Subscribe; Sign In Learner drivers will have to swap L-plates for N-plates and display them for two years In the North, the R-plate (R for restricted) system has been in use for some time, along with You're driving on your own for the first time, on motorways for the first time and there.An L-plate is a square plate bearing a sans-serif letter L, for learner, which must be affixed to L-platers and the Red and Green P-platers are restricted in some states to a maximum speed of A driver who commits a minor traffic offence during the probationary period will see his period Swedish sign for learning driver .

When learning to drive in Northern Ireland you are restricted to driving at 45mph, when you pass your test you have to display an "R" plate for the period of 1 year and you're still restricted to 45mph throughout that time. I was thinking how ridiculous this law is: 1) Motorway driving, a maximum speed of 45mph is potentially dangerous.Driving near learner drivers on the motorway As with any vehicle on the motorway, keep a safe distance from a learner driver in front of you. Increase the gap on wet or icy roads.

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Aug 10, 2018 Learn about Ireland's L-plates, N-plates, and R-plates. When driving through Ireland, you will see cars marked with special "plates" (which are really The so-called "learner drivers signs" are not hung there with pride by the new drivers, For example, L-drivers are not allowed to drive on motorways.Aye but if a driver with R plates goes down south will they be regarded as an Once you see the km/ph sign you can do the proper speed limit .

When you spot the letter signs it means that you have come across a L-driver, a N-driver, or a R-driver. When driving through Ireland , you will see cars marked with special "plates" (which are really large stickers or printed signs) - called L-plates, N-plates, or R-plates.R class. Licence endorsement. Got your L's? You can start learning to drive, but under special L-rules and conditions. Traffic conditions - light, medium and heavy. Car keys, L-plates on, learner's permit, and log book. A person who holds a foreign licence can be your qualified supervising driver, provided that they .