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This is a genuine BBC promo photo of Nine just after regeneration. I’d never seen it before so I thought I’d share. It’s weird to see him out of his leather.But not a single one of those lightsabers is a patch on this man’s custom-made Doctor Who sonic screwdriver lightsaber, made by Hampton’s Hand-Crafted Lightsabers. Advertisement.Lightsaber VS Sonic Screwdriver Kingwatto Follow. Forum Posts: 149; The problem with a lightsaber is making the energy stop at a meter instead of having it continue. Moderator.

Darth Vader VS Ahsoka Tano (lightsaber duel) - Duration: 7:26. ClassicSonicFan2012 4,670 views. How to Make a Lego Sonic Screwdriver - Duration: 4:06. Khayman Milutin 29,032 views.'Star Wars' meets 'Doctor Who' in this sonic screwdriver lightsaber. by Kevin Melrose – on Dec 24, 2015; in Comics, Comic News; "A long timey-wimey ago, in a galaxy far, far away"? You'll understand our confusion when you see this custom lightsaber that merges the elegant weapon of a Jedi Knight with the favored tool of the Doctor.You may be looking for the similarly-named Sonic Screwdriver beverage. at the Rimsoo Seven cantina in 20 BBY during a battle between the Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems Which Star Wars Couple.

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best of the week · crossover · darth vader · disabled · doctor who · fight · light saber · mashup · Matt Smith · sonic screwdriver · star wars · the doctor.Doctor Who's Top 11 Uses For a Sonic Screwdriver: 2013 Edition - Duration: Top 10 Star Wars Lightsaber Battles In Movies and TV - Duration: Lightsaber Duel - Duration:.Dec 28, 2017 The video, less than a minute in length, serves as a teaser trailer and already has more than a million views.

  1. Well, since I have a lightsaber (it's in my desk at work) and I don't have a sonic screwdriver, I think the pretty obvious answer would be that I would rather.Fan Makes Sonic Screwdriver Lightsaber Combo January 5th, 2016 by Conner Flynn. Theater Mode. Source. Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver.Turns out Sonic Screwdriver beats Lightsaber Doctor Who vs Darth Vader by *Drombyb on deviantART.Vader doesn't need his lightsaber to kill you lol! xD As much as I love Doctor Who, it would be no contest.

  2. Jan 2, 2016 If you are a fan of both Star Wars and Doctor Who, then this week must have of the Sonic closed or open, just like when the Doctor is using the Sonic. to scan for the best spot to chop their opponent's hand off during battle.Sep 3, 2018 Taking a look at the the best lightsaber duels in Star Wars, with a worthy list This video is either unavailable or not supported in this browser.STAR WARS and DOCTOR WHO Merge to Inspire the Sonic Screwdriver Lightsaber. Yes, they have created a Sonic Screwdriver Lightsaber. The handle is based on Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor design.

  3. Sonic screwdriver. Time machine. Vader wishes he were The Doctor. EDIT: Okay, since Dale wants to take this deeper. I’m assuming win in a duel to the death. Vader is a walking iron lung attached to a cyborg. The sonic screwdriver should easily cripple.Jan 3, 2016 The saber is 'heavily influenced by a Sonic screwdriver, used by Buyers work with the maker to custom design their own hand-crafted, battle-ready Lightsaber, picking color and design. Share or comment on this article.A Californian company which specializes in custom built Star Wars memorabilia has decided to meld the sonic screwdriver wielded by the Time Lord and the more elegant lightsaber brandished.

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