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Apr 25, 2016 KeepTruckin's blog covers pro tips for drivers, owner-operators, and fleets of all sizes to help them improve productivity, safety, and efficiency.

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Aug 13, 2015 Running short haul and worried about how Hours of Service rules and the when they cease to use the short haul trucking exemption mid-run.

  1. (DOES NOT APPLY TO SHORT-HAUL DRIVERS). The hours of service rules apply to all motor carriers and drivers, with the exceptions found in paragraph.

  2. In the short-haul exceptions to the hours-of-service regulations, you will see the term driver that qualifies for either of the “short haul operations” exceptions .

  3. Mar 9, 2017 Does not apply to drivers using either of the short-haul exceptions in 395.3(c) of the Agency's hours-of-service rules will not be enforced, nor .

16-Hour Short-Haul Exception §395.1(o). For drivers of property-carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) who drive locally, there is an exception to the .

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Question 1: What hours-of-service regulations apply to drivers operating Question 2: If a driver invokes the exception for adverse driving conditions, In short, a driver must be on duty before he/she begins to accumulate sleeper berth time. commodities or trucks that haul them, but not in automobiles, station wagons, .