You dont need to go to the dealer but a professional scan tool is required or you are just guessing at the issue.

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Even though the car was out of manufactures warranty and my 3rd party warranty didn't cover airbag issues, my local BMW dealership were .

"Driver restraint system fault" Pics below. The fault code is 9763 "Driver seat identification sensor open circuit - Intermittent The fault code is 9763 "Driver seat identification sensor open circuit - Intermittent.

  • Interesting. I have not heard anyone say it was the connections or wiring. This fault is talked about a LOT on the internet in BMW forums - noone has ever said it was the connectors.

  • The contact owns a 2006 BMW 750i. The contact noticed that the seat belt warning light was illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the contact was informed that the restraint system needed to be replaced. The current and failure mileages were 42,000.

  • i have the restraint system fault on both passenger and driver sides. i have resetted it with inpa but it comes back as far as i can remember it were two modules there ssbf and ssfa any one can help? that was after recoding my seats from basic to comfort option.

  • Oct 25, 2015 Most common fault which causes this on most cars is a loose connector somewhere under the seat - the system doesn't know whether If you call BMW assist they'll collect your car and get it seen to within 48 hours.

  • "fault in passenger restraint system affecting airbag, belt tensioner or belt force limiter" vehicle was towed to a local bmw vehicle on monday , june 10, and i have been waiting to hear something/anything from bmw factory ever since. clearly, this accident could very well have been a fatality had there been traffic on the freeway or had we not been extremely fortunate.

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BMW Restraint system fault Added: 11-08-2015 in category: General information , Check before buying author: admin The message Pasenger’s / Driver’s Restraint system fault indicates on one or a few SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) components fault.

You'll need to connect to the system using a system called INPA which I have the same error code on my 2006 750Li, saw this thread, and decided to try it out. The Bmw 750l n LI N 745L N LI Have alot of recalls on the restraint system so if I could also replace the satellite module (in the drivers.

2011 530d xDrive F11: Driver restraint system malfunction. BMW put easily break part into the expensive unit and ISTA informed.

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Tl the contact owns a 2007 BMW 750li. The contact stated that the front passenger side air bag indicator illuminated. The contact searched the data on the vehicle and the "fault and pass restraint system affecting air bag, belt tensioner and belt force limiter" message appeared.

Driver restraint system fault? Discussion in 'General BMW EV Discussion' started by SMike.